Friday, September 22, 2017

About Brian and Client Testimonials

Brian Moreland is the author of 10 published books. He has been writing and publishing for thirty years. He has published novels, novellas, short stories and a non-fiction book. All his books are on sale at Amazon. His debut novel, Shadows in the Mist, won a gold medal for Best Horror novel in the 2007 IPPY Awards.

Brian has published several books through traditional publishers like Berkley-Penguin and Samhain Publishing, and his short stories have appeared in anthologies by Scarlet Galleon Publications and on horror fiction blogs. His books have been released as audio books and translated into German. As a seasoned Indie publisher, Brian has also self-published several books and short stories and now offers creative book services to help other authors get their books to the marketplace.

For more than 25 years, Brian has edited and designed books for other writers who have gone on to publish their books. While fiction is his forte, he has also edited memoirs, business books, health books, photography books, children's books, how-to books, and screenplays. A graduate from U.T. Austin, Brian studied creative writing and screenwriting. In addition to editing, he offers critiques and feedback on manuscripts to help writers shape their books into the best that they can write. Brian spent several years working in video/film production and book publishing. He has been a video editor of TV commercials and documentaries, an art director, a graphic designer, and an Indie book publisher. As a writer, Brian knows what it takes to write books. As an editor, he knows how to polish books so they are ready for publishing. As an publisher, he knows how to bring your book to the marketplace, selling on Amazon and As a graphic designer, he is highly skilled at designing book covers and laying out the interiors of books. He can also design posters and bookmarks. He also formats eBooks. Bottom line: if you've written a book that you wish to publish, Brian Moreland is your publishing guide who can help you every step of the way.

Below are some photos and testimonies from Brian's clients:

“Brian Moreland is more than an accomplished and talented Avid editor.  He is a deliverer, an executor of ideas and a deadline maker extraordinaire.  He is organized, creative and no technical malfunctions or fatigue have ever gotten in the way of his completing an edit on time and in great spirits.  He is an editing warrior whom I would be proud to have on any project.”

Tim Williams, Writer/Producer, The Colonel Films

“WOW! I love the comments you added, they are right on. Already, a few of your comments brought levity to the material. The idea of restructuring the intro and the first chapter are great. Adding the conclusion is brilliant. I could go on-and-on about your remarks, suffice it to say, again, I love it!”

Jeannette Wright, MEN ARE DOGS: A Woman’s Guide To Choosing Her Breed of Man

"My debut novel is Reach to the Wounded Healer. Mr. Moreland has been instrumental in providing editorial feedback and guidance on plot, setting, characterization and oh so much more. His expertise has assisted me in receiving stellar reviews from key reviewers."

Ean Autin, Texas author

“Brian has not only been an outstanding editor and contributor to this book, but has been a coach, director, and close friend. Without Brian, this book would not have turned out on time or with the level of literary quality it is. Brian’s contributions were nothing short of spectacular.”

Bart Baggett, Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy

“If it were not for my good friend and patient Brian Moreland, this book would never have come to fruition. Brian offered to help me organize my ideas and put them to paper. A professional writer, Brian worked tirelessly on this project, refining the rough edges, adding valuable insights and encouragement.”

Dr. Bruce Magill, Getting Well, Staying Well: Natural and Alternative Ways to Achieve Vibrant Health